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Born in Norway, currently living in Berlin. I write for a living, and I did once write a book which included an essay about go (the book is called "Absolutt alt", and is only available in Norwegian). If I ever become a strong player, I'd like to write an introduction to go in the Norwegian language.

I learned the game in Copenhagen and reached my current peak of around 6k in Paris, where I would be found playing at the club at Trois arts. Haven't played for a loong time now. I think I'm down to 10-11k. Hopefully I'll get some more time on my hands soon and locate a nice club in Berlin.

The beauty of this game will never cease to boggle my mind.

Don't know how much I can contribute to SL. My go trivia is big enough that I sometimes find holes to fill; as for serious (theoretical) content, I constantly lose myself in all the wrong variations as soon as I try to exhaust a pattern on the board. It's bound to come out a mess. :(

Dedicated Random page junkie!

"Every stone is unique, just like rain drops are unique."

I saw this quote on a go server the other day -- I think it is now my personal motto. I don't know if the person quoted was being ironic or not, but the more I consider the quote, the more I actually tend to agree :) Picking out one of my favorite books from the shelf ("Et hvilket som helst glass vann" by the sadly untranslated Svein Jarvoll), I immideately find the quote I'm looking for. Jarvoll quotes the philosopher Duns Scotus on his idea of haecceitas: "Duo poma in uno arbore non habent eundem aspectum ad coelum" ("Two apples on one tree do not have the same view of the sky." (Or if you will: "Two go stones on one board do not have the same orientation towards tengen." (I imagine hearing someone say: what about for example certain parallel fuseki patterns, and I guess I don't have a good answer to that, but I'm losing myself in digressions anyway, so I'll just stop here.)))

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