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Orthodox fuseki  

Black's formation at the top has been coined the orthodox fuseki. Instead of the traditional wedge at the top, which already had fallen out of grace with modern professionals, AI like Katago prefer a move in the upper left corner, either an early 3-3 invasion at a or an approach at b.

Early 3-3 invasion

Early invasion - LeelaZero  

B8 takes sente to approach the lower right. The pincer at W9 and the invasion of B10 mark a dynamic opening stage, typical of AI.

Early invasion - KataGo  

KataGo features a variation where B2 blocks the other side, then B8 retaliates.


Approach - LeelaZero  
Approach - KataGo  

Analyzing the wedge

The wedge  

The wedge had already fallen out of grace with the pros. By KataGo's evaluation, White loses >2 points with respect to a or b. Black's response this early in the game is to invade any of the two bottom corners.

The wedge - local continuation  

If Black responds locally, it would be from the left with B1. White, instead of making a two space extension or three space extension, would play the (novel? -- Old fashioned.) attachment to an enclosure which AI often have on their radar. After B7, White can turn elsewhere, possibly at W8

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