Naming extensions, jumps and pincers

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Here are some recommendations for naming extensions, jumps and pincers. These are generally to be found on SL, now.

  1. All extensions, jumps and pincers are labelled by the size of 'gap': so that one-point jump means one point left between the stones (this convention is universal).
  2. An extension runs parallel to the edge (third line to third line, fourth line to fourth line, or possibly on the third and fourth lines). If the fifth line or higher is involved, that's a jump. If the second line is involved, it's a slide.
  3. As responses to an approach (kakari), extensions are labelled 'low' (one-space to the third line), 'high' (one-space to the fourth line), 'distant low' and 'distant high' for two-space extensions. Alternatively a 'high' extension from a 3-4 or 3-3 point can be called keima, which is short and sweet.

The convention says two-space extension, two-space pincer (pincer nomenclature), but two-point jump.

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