Maxim Cup

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Korean TV title for 9-dans only. Originally (first 4-5 terms) a win-and-continue format, now a knock-out.

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Ed. Year Winner Runner up
1st 2000 Ch'oe Kyu-pyeong Yu Ch'ang-hyeok
2nd 2001 Yu Ch'ang-hyeok Yang Jaeho
3rd 2002 Yu Ch'ang-hyeok Kim Ilhwan
4th 2003 Jiang Zhujiu Rui Naiwei
5th 2004 Rui Naiwei Yu Ch'ang-hyeok
6th 2005 Yi Setol Yang Jaeho
7th 2006 Yi Setol Choe Cheol-han
8th 2007 Yi Setol Pak Cheong-sang
9th 2008 Park Yeonghun Mok Jinseok
10th 2009 Choe Cheol-han Park Yeonghun
11th 2010 Choe Cheol-han Kang Dongyun
12th 2011 Park Yeonghun Lee Changho
13th 2012 Park Junghwan Choe Cheol-han
14th 2013 Park Junghwan Yi Setol
15th 2014 Yi Setol Park Junghwan
16th 2015 Choe Cheol-han Hong Sungji
17th 2016 Lee Sedol Weon Seongjin
18th 2017 Park Junghwan Yun Junsang
19th 2018 Cho Hanseung Park Yeonghun
20th 2019 Shin Jinseo Lee Donghoon
21st 2020 Lee Jihyun Shin Minjun
22nd 2021 Kim Jiseok Lee Jihyun

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