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This shape occurs when a popular joseki has been played starting with Black on the 3-4-point and White approaching at the 5-4-point (i.e., a high approach). White has played the diagonal move and peeped at the gap between the black stones. Let's explore Black's and White's continuations.

Initial setup  
Diagram 1: 1-9  

W1: If Black has played off after White has peeped, pushing though and cutting is natural.

B4: Black captures the cutting stone to avoid being sealed in. The question is now what potential White has in the corner.

W7: In this case it is simple - White can just capture the corner.

Variation 1 at move 1 in Diagram 1: 1-10  

B1: What if Black resists this way?

W4: White can still push through and cut, if this stone can escape easily, for example, if there is already a White formation on the left side.

B9: This is the most forceful move.

Variation 2 at move 5 in Variation 1: 1-3  

B1: If the white cutting stone can't easily escape, Black could play like this.

Variation 2.1 (continued): 11-20  

B7 at black+square, W8 at B3

B3: Black can play the two-stone corner squeeze.

W10: White gives up his two original cutting stones and eats up the corner territory instead.

Variation 2.2 (continued): 21-23  

B3: White has taken away Black's corner in sente.

Variation 3 at move 1 in Diagram 1: 1  

B1: This is the most basic move.

Variation 4 at move 4 in Diagram 1: 1-2  

W2: White can capture the black stone in a ladder. This is a great loss for Black.

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