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I want to study the Development of Go. I hope to better understand modern pro games by studying their precursors.

Perhaps a careful look at the past millenium could turn up 100 great games, or some other nice round number; providing a clear course of study.

Note: This is a personal page, so if you stumble across it and want to comment, please do so on the discussion page. You are quite welcome to copy my work anywhere on SL. (In fact, I copied most of this stuff from other SL articles)

Table of contents

Game List

So far, I have collected one game for my Game List

Development of Go

Following is timeline of the most important games. From this timeline, I can hopefully distill a list of the most important games to study.

I will consider all Castle Games

Jared Beck / Development Of Go Timeline

Go Developers

I hope to distill this section into data for my timeline above.

Go Developers are sorted by birthdate, where applicable.

I will consider all winners of Japan's modern big three titles: Kisei, Meijin, Honinbo. Also, I will consider all historic Meijin and the two historic Kisei. I will not consider every historic Honinbo.

I have already included Yi Ch'ang-ho, but I will try to stay away from such modern players, at least for now.

Early History

Jared Beck / Development Of Go - Early History

Middle History

Jared Beck / Development Of Go - Middle History

Recent History

Jared Beck / Development Of Go - Recent History


Mef: I've heard some players to avoid studying are Fujisawa shuko and takagawa shukaku
meditation: oh?
Mef: yeah
meditation: they were tentatively on my list
meditation: just for being top players
Mef: shuko would make blunders
Flameblade: interesting.
Mef: then manage to pull it out with brilliancy
Mef: takagawa was crafty, would sometimes play bad moves to see how his opponent would respond
Mef: Very very interesting players to read about


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[2] Van der Steen, J. (1994-2005).
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