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   Hi! My real name is Éverson Batista da Silva. I was born in 1982 and I am brazilian.
   I come in Sensei´s very often, then I thought in create my own home page.
   But I am still learning how to speak English, then forgive my "English Mistakes", please... =D
   Today I´m in a hurry, but I want to make my homepage better, thanks! =D
   Ah, I almost forgot, my nick in KGS is eversonyos and I am 18k~21k for now...

Links Favoritos

My home page in portuguese is in this link = [ext] http://go.theend.com.br/moin.cgi/Everson

KGS = [ext] http://kgs.kiseido.com/pt_BR/

GoBase = [ext] http://gobase.org/

Go Problems = [ext] http://www.goproblems.com/

Go Teacher Lader= [ext] http://gtl.xmp.net/

Wiki = [ext] http://go.theend.com.br/moin.cgi

Página do Roberto Petresco = [ext] http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/Stadium/9281

Página do Gustavo Rondina = [ext] http://gustgr.brlivre.org/

Página do Rodrigo Martins = [ext] http://www.rmsbarbosa.oi.com.br/

Shibumi = [ext] http://paginas.terra.com.br/esporte/shibumi/

Clube de Go de São Carlos (site novo)= [ext] http://sankaru.atspace.com/

Go BR = [ext] http://www.gobr.org/

Go4Go = [ext] http://www.go4go.net/

Sensei's Library = [ext] http://senseis.xmp.net/

Livros Diversos (inglês e espanhol) = [ext] http://members.fortunecity.es/andrespernia/

Dicionário de Josekis = [ext] http://waterfire.us/joseki.htm

Go para Celular 1 = [ext] http://handygo.sourceforge.net/index.htm

Go para Celular 2 = [ext] http://sourceforge.net/projects/handygo/

Site com partidas e história do Dosaku = [ext] http://www.kyoto.zaq.ne.jp/momoyama/DosakuIndex.html

Site sobre Fusekis = [ext] http://fuseki.info/

Go Game World (muito bom!) = [ext] http://www.gogameworld.com/

Projeto do GNU GO = [ext] http://www.gnu.org/software/gnugo/gnugo.html

My Friday Night Files = [ext] http://www.xs4all.nl/~rongen17/

Kifus das partidas de Hikaru no Go = [ext] http://www.xs4all.nl/~rongen17/Hikaru/index.html

   Bye! ^_^

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