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The GoTeachingLadder is a site where you can have your own games reviewed. From their introduction:

Several high dan players have recommended getting your own games reviewed by stronger players as a good way to make progress. However, it is not always easy to find stronger players willing to comment your games. The Go Teaching Ladder has been set up for this purpose. Volunteers in the ladder comment games made by weaker players. Anyone may submit a game for commenting by a stronger player.
Go Teaching Ladder: [ext] http://gtl.jeudego.org/

The GTL is a free service, no strings attached.


Arno, it's about time I modify the least modified page in the library, no ? #:-7. Today we were discussing the various internet Go resources. Someone made this point about the GTL: it is strange that you are forced to subscribe as a volunteer reviewer when you want to have your own games reviewed, whereas at the moment there is a vast amount of keen reviewers who have no work at hand. --Dieter

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