Consolidating frameworks

  Difficulty: Advanced   Keywords: Opening, MiddleGame, Strategy
Black broadens the framework  

This is from a game between kyu players (game 83 from the Go Teaching Ladder).

When Black played B1, White invaded deeply with W2. This threatens to use white+circle, for example by White a, Black b, White c.

Kim's suggestion  

According to Kim Seong-june 6d, B1 to consolidate and control the aji of white+circle is better. If W2, Black is content to build up with B3.

Kim's suggestion (2)  

The preceding plays were B1 to W6 shown here. Kim feels that these kikashi should not have been played: Black a immediately is better. This is an example for use of kikashi to build up frameworks.

Another example, this time from pro-level opening theory.

A known opening  

B1 is an idea for building a mini-chinese formation later, at a, with an order of play that doesn't allow White to pincer. W2 is a typical wedge, and by the time of W10 she has a strong group usefully placed between two black frameworks.

Consolidate the corner  

In most cases Black now plays at B1 here, rather than at a (the latter has been tried by Mok Chin-seok, though). There is plenty of corner aji at b; considering the effect of that combined with White's strength above, Black prefers to secure the existing framework, rather than expand it.

Charles Matthews

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