Women's Meijin

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(女流名人戦) This is the female-only equivalent of the Japanese Meijin title. Time control is 3 hours each. The winner's prize is JPY 7,000,000. It is the second most prestigious women's title, after Women's Honinbo, in the 2020 Nihon Ki-in ordering.

The format of final stages changed many times:

  • 1st & 2nd editions: 8-player four round Swiss determined the winner.
  • 3rd to 20th, 30th and 31st: 16-player double elimination tournament determined the challenger to the titleholder.
  • 21st to 29th, 32nd to present: 7-player round robin league determines the challenger.

Sponsored by Fuji Evening Newspaper up to the 20th edition. From the 21st edition, the sponsor changed to Sankei newspaper. At the same time, for the first time in female event in Japan, league system (7-player) to decide the challenger was introduced. This is still the only female tournament in Japan using a league system.

After the 31st edition, the Sankei newspaper quit as the sponsor for financial reasons. The Nihon Ki-in managed to find a substitute sponsor, Kamachi Group, only at the cost of a recently created tournament, Hakata Kamachi Cup.

Winners and Runners-up

The challenge match is best of three, usually contested in April.

Winners and defeated finalists
Ed. Year Winner Runner Up Score
1st 1989 Miyazaki Shimako
2nd 1990 Aoki Kikuyo
3rd 1991 Sugiuchi Kazuko Aoki Kikuyo 21
4th 1992 Sugiuchi Kazuko Aoki Kikuyo 20
5th 1993 Sugiuchi Kazuko Aoki Kikuyo 20
6th 1994 Sugiuchi Kazuko Ogawa Tomoko 21
7th 1995 Kato Tomoko Sugiuchi Kazuko 20
8th 1996 Nishida Terumi Kato Tomoko 21
9th 1997 Nishida Terumi Ogawa Tomoko 20
10th 1998 Nishida Terumi Ogawa Tomoko 20
11th 1999 Aoki Kikuyo Nishida Terumi 20
12th 2000 Aoki Kikuyo Kobayashi Izumi 20
13th 2001 Kobayashi Izumi Aoki Kikuyo 20
14th 2002 Aoki Kikuyo Kobayashi Izumi 20
15th 2003 Kobayashi Izumi Aoki Kikuyo 20
16th 2004 Kobayashi Izumi Inori Yoko 20
17th 2005 Koyama Terumi Kobayashi Izumi 21
18th 2006 Aoki Kikuyo Koyama Terumi 20
19th 2007 Kato Keiko Aoki Kikuyo 21
20th 2008 Xie Yimin Kato Keiko 20
21th 2009 Xie Yimin Chinen Kaori 21
22th 2010 Xie Yimin Mukai Chiaki 20
23th 2011 Xie Yimin Mukai Chiaki 21
24th 2012 Xie Yimin Mukai Chiaki 20
25th 2013 Xie Yimin Okuda Aya 20
26th 2014 Xie Yimin Kato Keiko 21
27th 2015 Xie Yimin Suzuki Ayumi 20
28th 2016 Xie Yimin Aoki Kikuyo 21
29th 2017 Fujisawa Rina Xie Yimin 20
30th 2018 Fujisawa Rina Yashiro Kumiko 20
31st 2019 Fujisawa Rina Xie Yimin 21
32nd 2021 Fujisawa Rina Ueno Asami 20
33rd 2022 Fujisawa Rina Nakamura Sumire 20
34th 2023 Ueno Asami Fujisawa Rina 20
35th 2024 Fujisawa Rina Ueno Asami 20

Old Women's Meijin

Previously there was another female tournament named Women's Meijin, sponsored by NTV television.

1st 1973 Kobayashi Reiko Ogawa Tomoko
2nd 1975 Kobayashi Reiko Ito Tomoe

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