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Moves 51 to 60  

unkx80: W1 has to connect at a.

Orcun: I can not agree, W1 at a and B2 at 1 is not so good.

AE (Andre Engels): I don't agree with Orcun. After W1 at a, B2 at 1, W3 at 2 completely destroys the shape of the black stones. A black move at 1 is not extremely big. An alternative to connecting at a would be destroying black's shape at B2.

AE: B4: It would be good for black to play atari at a first - cutting in sente.

Moves 61 to 70  

W1: Orcun: I could connect by 9 but my left group was very weak. So I came up with this move which I believe both strengthens the left group and connect with two alternative ways. One is as it occurred, the other one is a bit complicated with B8 at 9, which I believe is the correct move for black.

W3: Orcun: I tend to like this kind of moves. In the early days ( two weeks ago :) ) I used to refuse to consider my moves as mistakes and try to rescue all of my stones. This move brought me the sente which I know is a lot more important than 2 points.

unkx80: Actually, after B2, the white stone is already captured and cannot be rescued. But for the current situation, B2 and B4 is way too small.

W5: Orcun: I could have connected but B6 at a seemed BIG.

AE: a is probably better than W5, not leaving any weakness behind.

B10: AE: This is bad for black, she is just helping white connect.

Moves 71 to 80  

W3-W5-W7-W9: Orcun: It was all that I could think of at that moment. B2 and B4

AE: W5 is a very strange move. Better just take a large endgame move, for example at a. Locally, b seems to be best.

Moves 81 to 90  

W5: AE: Not good. Everything in this part of the board lives, so this stone is not important.

Moves 91 to 100  

unkx80: W3 is a good move.

AE: Agree.

B4: Orcun: Could be better at 8

AE: I don't agree. Again, the stone that is saved by that move is not important. And if black chooses to save it, 5 is better.

W7: unkx80: If W7 is played at W8, black gets nothing.

Orcun: If W7 at 8 and B8 at 7, then the center is in danger, over-concentration near the black+circle after W9 at the circle, and black has possibilities like a and b for the future. Still, arguable though. W7 at b may be a better option.

AE: After W7 at 8, white has no need to answer a black move at 7, and certainly not at the circled point. Note that capturing at 8 gives a liberty! As for over-concentration, white is just as overconcentrated now.

Orcun: You are right, I have totally mistaken there.

B8: Orcun: Worked a lot for white because of W9 and W1 in the following diagram.

Moves 101 to 110  

B6-B8: Orcun: Useless attack. I was expecting a possible disconnector near a. This may have caused the weaknesses that brought the end of black. Is my response W9 correct? I would not question if the bottom side was secure.

unkx80: W9 is right.

AE: And it seems black has lost more than she won with this sequence. Before she played here, there were more possibilities.

B10: AE: Very big.

Orcun: I am always late for these kind of moves. I should pay more attention to this. Can this move be the starting move of themacroendgame?

unkx80: Yes, B10 is so big that it makes an invasion at b possible. I could almost say that B10 is sente.

(Unfortunately I am now too sleepy to elaborate further now.)

Orcun: You can be right. I can not find a good response to b. This was something I completely missed, Thank you very much.

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