Difficulty: Beginner   Keywords: Joseki, Shape, Question

This happened to me, (17kyu?) as Black in a six-stone handicap game yesterday.

Tsuke - counter tsuke - crosscut  

I expected to play tsuke-nobi (B3 at W2 after W2 at a). W2 made me think "Ha! Interesting" but the cross-cut made it a little too interesting (i.e. too complicated for me to deal with at the board).

I played B5 at a and while it didn't cost the game ( :-) , the white player told me after the game that he played W2 and W4 to gain speed and B5 at a had helped him with that goal. He also said that it was joseki until W4.

I still feel uncomfortable about it.

Your analysis and comments are appreciated.

Play by shape  

Charles In this kind of position, play the bulge shape B1 and don't think too much. It must be good to give White those marked cutting points.

Also, don't believe it when people tell you about joseki!

mAsterdam Thanks again, Charles. I'll confront white with your remarks next time I see him. Joseki? Schmoseki!

Tsuke - counter tsuke - crosscut  

Dieter: Let me guess what happened next. After B1, up to B5 is a one way street. Then if W6, after W10 White will lose her top stones. There is a.o. a net involved.

See Net Example 10 for detailed discussion on this.

Tsuke - counter tsuke - crosscut  

If, on the contrary, W6 is played at W1 here, Black loses his corner but he gains sente. I assume this is what you played in the game.

mAsterdam: Sorry for not answering your guess. I couldn't remember. Later I asked my opponent, but even together we could not reconstruct the way we handled it. We both felt Black could have done better locally. I have to develop my game memory. This week I practiced writing the game down while playing - that also would have helped the analysis afterwards.

Sacrificing two stones (W7 connects on the position of the marked stone)  

Black can also sacrifice two stones, force with B6 and take the outside with B8. This looks promising.

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