BQM 442

  Difficulty: Advanced   Keywords: EndGame

A problem from two different 7x7 Go investigations.

what is Blacks best move?  

In 7x7 Go b is mentioned as best move. While on an [ext] SGF about the same problem a is given as best move.

Please high ranking Go players tell me (12 kyu) what is best.

The throw-in  

Dieter: I am no expert, but here's what I see. Black's throw in forces an extra move inside White's territory later.


If White inadvertently covers the neutral points, Black has the tesuji of B9 to create seki.

Simple descent  

If Black simply descends, White gains a point with W4. So I'm inclined to vote for the throw-in.


White has a countermeasure though. So, I must think again.

willemien Hi Dieter Thanks for your reply. according to the [ext] Tromp sgf the following is best

Tromps Continuation (1) 6 at white+circle, 9 at 2  
Tromps Continuation (2) 3 at white+circle, 21 at white+square  

your remark about the neutral points is valid white needs to add a stone inside his territory so loses a point under territory rules (and this way the problem becomes an wholeboard endgame problem

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