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Common 4-5 joseki  

Imagist: In a teaching game a while ago, my teacher (Yilun Yang) said that the ponnuki is small, but this joseki is okay for black because of a huge endgame followup starting at a which allows black to live in the corner without damaging the outside. However, I don't remember what that followup is, and I seem to have lost the SGF. Does anybody know what the followup is?

Followup possible beginning  

I seem to remember that the followup starts like this, but this may or may not be right. There also may be a ko involved (my memory of this is poor).

Bob McGuigan: In order for Black to use this aji he needs to play the marked stone black+square:

Common 4-5 joseki  

This is a fairly urgent move for Black. White usually responds, but for simplicity White's response is omitted.

After the marked Black stone is in place then your followup B1 is the correct start:


The black+square stone gives force to B3 since if White saves the stone in atari by extending with W4, B5 is atari.

So it would usually go like this:


B5 creates the ko you remembered.

White may also capture with W2 instead of extending, again with ko possibilities:


Essential Joseki, part 1  

Essential Joseki, page 191, indicates that when Black has reinforcement on the left, such as the marked Black stone black+circle, then pushing from behind at B1 is good. After the invasion of the corner by Black at B5, White finds himself in a position that is hard to accept.

Essential Joseki, part 2  

White W4 connects.

Even Game Joseki, page 207, shows Black pushing from behind at black+square without requiring a Black stone at the middle of the left side.

Bob McGuigan: This shows White's usual response to black+square. The followup move at the circle point is still available for Black.

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