BQM 230

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Moves 8 to 17  

I played white in this game. Black responded to the attacking moves of W1 and W7 with the big points of B2 and B8, then made a four space extension to approach the lower left corner. Even though it seems White should be able to set Black with some problems in the middlegame, it is at least a psychological difficulty that Black has managed to take B2 B8 and B10 in addition to the High Chinese Fuseki formation. Has White played adequately so far, and what continutaions/plans can White use to take advantage of Black's weaknesses and reduce his potential? Thanks. -JM

Andy Pierce: Since black ignored W9 it seems only fair to use it for attack, starting with a and progressing to a splitting attack against B8. White builds up enough strength in the center (similar to the GreatWall formation) that nullifying black's chinese formation on the right shouldn't be much of a problem. I would have prefered W1 to be on the top star point rather than on the third line, in order to more directly contest black's influence while attacking.

Velobici: The White 3-5 point stone in the lower left places emphasis on the lower side. The 3-4 point Black stone in the lower right may make the lower side a difficult area for White to develop. Alternatively, one can look at the 3-5 point as an influence move, inviting Black to take corner territory. White influence facing the center in this game would be hampered by Black's high chinese formation. Given Black's commitment to influence (all moves on the fourth line relative to the right edge) and the flexibility of the White top right one space enclosure (can develop either across the top or down the left side), could it be that W1 is misplaced, that White should use that move to make the 3-5 point stone useful?

Bob McGuigan: One point I'd like to make is that I think W1 is misplayed. Certainly Black has played too close to White's upper left shimari but W1 doesn't put much pressure on the black stone. For one thing it aims to take away Black's base, but that was already undercut. If I were going to pincer here I'd prefer to do it one space higher, on the star point. In the game White was attacking from behind so it was easy for Black to play B2.

Bill: I agree with Andy and Bob that W1 is too low. It should be one point higher. (In fact, I think that W1, W3, W5, and W9 are all misplaced.) Because of W1, W3 has the feel of pushing from behind. After B4, White would like to play on both sides. Having played W1, I would play W3 at W4.

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