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An Interesting Relationship between two shapes

White to live  

Gokyo Shumyo, Section 1, Problem 4

Here the shape has a cutting point, and the first line is clear.

White to live  

Gokyo Shumyo, Section 1, Problem 5

Here, there is no cutting point, and the first line is not clear, on either side.

Big question 229

What is so similar about these shapes, that both problems have the same solution?

Because the eyespace is the same? Is it the same?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts. -Jared

unkx80: Mathematicians and computer scientists like to look for generalizations... but I don't think there is a simple yet general answer to your question. The best way is still to read it out. As you do more problems and gain more experience, you will get some intuition over how to live and how to kill, but such intuition is only a guide, it is not meant to be definitive. It sounds weird that while the entire Go board is discrete, a number of concepts in Go are actually quite vague simply because of having to use heuristics to overcome the extremely large search space in Go.

Jared: Thank you for your interesting comment. I agree that the heuristics to describe LifeAndDeath shapes are difficult, but I wouldn't say there are no useful heuristics.

You might find this interesting:
[ext] K. Chen and Z. Chen, Static analysis of life and death in the game of Go, Information Sciences, 121, 113-134, 1999.

This paper describes heuristic rules for static life/death analysis for general classes of groups in the game of Go, as implemented in authors’ world championship computer Go programs Go Intellect and HandTalk. We shall show that for many life and death problems in Go, the e€ect of a tree search can be approximated by a static analysis on the group’s interior and surroundings. We investigate eye-spaces with or without opponent’s dead stones and try to provide a foundation towards conquering the combinatorial explosion of Go game tree. ” 1999 Elsevier Science Inc. All rights reserved.

Truc: I may be be pointing out the obvious, but let's look at black's strongest attack on both shapes.

Black's attack  

If black connects, white will live by capturing the three stones.

Black's attack  

And white can live by capturing the three stones.

Coincidence? I think not.

Minue I agree, it's obvious that both of problems can be solved with same way due to their common properties in their shapes.

Jared: Yeah, the most important common feature is probably the CaptureThreeToMakeAnEye shape. Now I am wondering if CaptureThreeToMakeAnEye shape shows up in other variations of this eyespace.


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