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Chinese: -
Japanese: 手拍子 (tebyoushi)
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Playing as an instant reaction is the cause of numerous mistakes; though the inability to make obvious answers is also a hindrance to progress - not everything requires deep thought.

Aspects are:

Not automatic  

This is from one of my games. I played W1 then W3 and my opponent blinked, and then commented that he'd never have looked further than White at a. Well, W3 takes advantage of bad shape here, which had been on my mind since Black had captured white+circle with the two black+circle stones, instead of with a play at b then taking it off. So I anyway was looking for something.

Charles Matthews

Dieter: Couldn't this be an example of another bad habit, namely by all means carrying out a plan conceived long ago.


Is this causing turmoil really advantageous for White and if so, more advantageous than the simple hane ?


Isn't Black's cramped shape enough reward for White ? She gets all the territory and the influence.

Charles Well, no - I don't have the exact game position to show, but in this case White had influence enough to attack strongly, if Black resisted.


B1 allowed W2 as kikashi, and then White had done enough here and started the macroendgame in another part of the board.

Pro example

Takao Shinji (W) vs. Yoda Norimoto, 52nd Oza semifinals  

This example comes from a Japanese site, Nikkei.

Yoda played B1 without reflection, based upon his memory of an ancient game, and ended up losing the black+circle stones. Extending to W2 was correct.

Path: <= Mistake =>
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