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Intermediate (from 15k to 1k)

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Don’t look at the solution before you come up with an answer you think is correct after reading many variations.

Each day:

  1. Solve fifteen Life and death problems (problems that suit your level are the ones you can solve within TEN minutes.)
  2. Solve fifteen tesuji problems - It improves your perception of the shapes and makes it easier to find the correct shape in your own games.
  3. Play at least one game (at least two serious games per week) to practice what you’re learning and gain more experience.

Each week:

  1. Each week take 1-3 lesson(s) with a qualified teacher. Start learning the opening and fighting strategies, how to choose a joseki and the direction of play.
  2. Have two of your serious games reviewed by your teacher. The comments will point out your mistakes and correct your wrong thoughts. You should send the games for a review after thoroughly looking at them yourself and having tried to find your mistakes.
  3. Memorize three pro games (or one every two days). This allows you to study the opening and read and learn professionals’ perception of shape and fighting. If the game has variations, it is good to memorize them.
  4. Memorize fifteen common josekis and learn all the variations of the josekis including the wrong moves so to understand the correct order and punish your opponents’ mistakes.

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