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Beginners (from 30k to 15k)

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When solving problems, donít look at the solution until you have come up with an answer you think is good, because the objective being to improve your reading, you have to read the variations by yourself first, otherwise this is not very useful.

Each day:

  1. Solve ten L&D (life & death) problems (a problem that suits your own level is one that you can solve within FIVE minutes. If it takes more than that, the level is too high and we donít think it will really help you).
  2. Solve ten tesuji problems; this will help you know more about shape.
  3. Play at least one game on 19x19 and three games on 13x13 or 9x9. This will allow you to practice what you have learned.

Each week:

  1. Take 1-3 lesson(s) with a qualified teacher* to learn from your mistakes and be properly guided so that you will be able to progress more rapidly. We recommend a qualified teacher to make sure that fundamentals are being properly explained; this is very important because this is what your go will be based on, its foundation, it has to be solid.
  2. Memorize ten short common josekis and learn all the variations of the josekis, including the wrong moves, so to understand the correct order and punish opponents if they play the wrong move.

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