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Reading Skills

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Reading itself is the ability to see ahead of time what can happen. Effective reading implies mastering the principles and theory, because they guide the reading, they help you determine what you should read; reading everything on the board would take forever. Reading is very important, but just like theory & principles, alone it wonít allow you to play at a very high level. Apart from playing, reading can be improved through the following activities:

  • Solving life & death and tesuji problems.
  • Memorizing (pro) games: the more the mind gets used to seeing stones being combined, the easier it becomes to read ahead in a real game. We recommend that you memorize pro games, because not only do they allow you to get used to the mechanism of the stones, they also help you improve your opening and your shapes greatly: if you memorize low level games, you will remember bad shapes and bad openings.

Where to get the problems and the games?

  • You can find problems on our website here, on [ext], on Senseiís Library and in problems books.
  • For the pro games, for a small collection there is our website. For more links, see Senseiís Library.

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