4-4 point low approach, tsukenobi, diagonal into corner

    Keywords: Joseki
The diagonal move  

The diagonal move of W5 is much like the jump at B7, and several variations actually are the same except for the order of moves. This is one of them, so I refer to the jump variation for the continuation.

Simple connection  

White can also just connect with W3, after which B4 is correct shape. As is quite common in the tsuke nobi joseki, this variant ends with White extending on the top and Black on the left side.

Too much aji  

If Black blocks at B4 here, White's stone at W5 in the corner has too much aji.

Another transposition  

Blocking at B2 directly is a possibility. We see a reversion to a position in the jump variation.


B2 on the 3-3 point is the third possible answer. White can again convert to the joseki of last diagram by playing at a, or she can leave the position open by simply extending to W3.


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