4-4 point low approach tsukenobi, invasion

    Keywords: Joseki

The 3-3 point invasion of W5 can be played if the left side is important. Usually, black+circle (or Black a) will be present if White plays here.

After this, Black will have to choose. B6 is standard, allowing White to enter the left side but gaining thickness on the upper side in return. The other possibility is Black b, which blocks White out of the left side, but allows her a quite large piece of corner territory. Locally, it means a loss for Black, but it is nevertheless often correct in a global context - when this joseki is played, the left side is important in most cases.

Recommended by Ishida  

The combination of B1 and B3 is given in Ishida's book. If White makes life with the moves W8 and W0, Black may leave the cut at a and take sente.


If Black blocks at B2, White can easily get a nice amount of corner territory. Black himself builds a wall facing the right.

After W9, Black can play elsewhere, but if he does want to extend his wall, Black a is an excellent point. Locally, this result is considered good for white, but it is nevertheless played often, especially when Black is building a framework on the left side, and the upper side is not so important.

White connects  

If White connects with W1, immediately playing the tesuji of B2 is correct. This stone makes B4 more effective.

White connects  

Playing at B2 without cutting at B6 first is incorrect timing. After White has exchanged W3 for B4, she can answer B6 at W7, so now she will play at W5 rather than a.

Pushing immediately  

If he does not mind pushing White along the fourth line here, Black can also push at B1 without playing in at a first.

Aji on the left  

White could also answer B1 with W2 here. White will of course get less territory on the upper side now, but she has the sequence of White a-Black b-White c to look forward to, to reduce the left side.


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