3-5 point, 4-3 approach, one space pincer, attach to approach

  Difficulty: Advanced   Keywords: Opening, Joseki, Life & Death
Reference diagram  

W1, Leaning on one of the pincering stones, while making a one space jump from the pincered stone, is the most natural move. Analysis with Leela Zero suggests that it is inferior to the kosumi or leaning on the other stone while playable.

We'll investigate Black's answers a, b and c.

Outside hane

Outside hane  

After the pincer black+circle, white attaches with W1. Now B2 through W4 are the common way to continue. From here, black can either take the corner with a, or try to develop on both sides with a move at a. See 3-5 point low approach, pincer, attach on approach, develop on both sides

The most natural development is this one, where Black takes the corner with B5 and White makes a base for herself while pincering Black's lone stone at W6 or any of the circled points.

An alternative for B6 is to develop on both sides with a

Attach and block  

W2 is also possible, as a typical variation on attach, extend.



Variation proposed by Leela Zero. W6 may also be at a.



What happens when Black wedges here? Moves to W8 appear forced. Next Black can choose a or b but neither result seems to turn out favorable for him.

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