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jonathan: adopted? (2006-08-04 02:44) [#2015]

the definition for some of the terms says "adopted into english". I think this designation is arbitrary and unimportant.

I'll remove "adopted" if nobody objects.

velobici: An exmaple (2006-08-04 16:32) [#2023]

From the page: Seki -- A Japanese go term adopted into English, meaning mutual life.

If we remove the words adopted into English we have: Seki -- A Japanese go term meaning mutual life.

There are many Japanese go terms. Some are commonly used by English speakers. These are the terms that can be used freely in spoken and written English , terms such as seki. I dont know of anyone who calls seki by any name by seki when speaking in English. By constrast, it is rare to hear osae in English and rarer yet to hear it used correctly.

While the decision to use the phrase adopted into English is a judgement call, it is not arbitrary and it is not without meaning. Rather it provides useful information to the reader of the page Essential Go Terms. That information being: These are the terms that can be used freely in spoken and written English.

Bill: Re: An example (2006-08-04 16:50) [#2024]

I think that "adopted into English" should simply mean, "used in the English go literature." I. e., it should not be a judgement call.

For instance, atari has been adopted into English, while magari yonmoku has not. Instead we say bent four.

Dieter: semedori and zokusuji (2006-09-18 13:49) [#2198]

Reviewing the "common terms", IMO semdedori and zokusuji must go out: I never use this in common speech. Do you?

The rest is pretty common and adopted in Dutch too.

Bill: Re: semedori and zokusuji (2006-09-18 16:33) [#2200]

I agree. :-) I would also eliminate joban, tedomari, shicho, honte, and maybe dragon.

HermanHiddema: Re: semedori and zokusuji (2006-09-18 17:34) [#2201]

I use semedori regularly :)

I agree on zokusuji, joban, shicho (I always use ladder) and tedomari. I also never use dame in the meaning of liberty, so the description of damezumari sounds strange to me :)

Unkx80: Re: semedori and zokusuji (2006-09-18 21:17) [#2202]

This page had a very messy history. But it is good to see them being reviewed again. So there, I agree in deleting those terms too.

If enough "uncommon" terms are deleted, I might consider reinstate basic go terms? and beginner go terms? as aliases to this page (c.f. here).

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