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willemien: Bit proud (2009-01-13 11:51) [#5637]

Willemien I am so very proud. On 5 januari 2008 I started the page corner shapes. This was after a remark in a BQM448 that I missed a corner position (how would I know that it was a two by four box? So i decided just to make a page about corner shapes with diagrams. adding a little introduction (mostly just copied from the page where it was explained) just to evade the earlier comment.

My idea was that it just would be a second index from the life and death page. the only difference being the diagrams and a bit of text. (PS life and death Is still the only page linking to it)

But now, only 3 weeks later, my humble page is allready Article Of the Week/Upcoming and will become Article Of The Week on 19 Januari (my birthday by the way)

I must admit I was sometimes thinking to abandom this page, but thought just finish it off. I don't like half finished pages

Only recently I noticed that others started editing "my" page. It is now much better than I ever imagined. I had no idea about sorting diagrams by size of eyespace or even changing the order from the life and death page (now we have to reorganise life and death to give it the same structure as"my" page)

My thanks to all other editors. (But i still do claim a bit more as being the maker of this page) Also to the editors of the pages where this page linked to. (renaming pages, master editing them ect ect)

But now we have also a bit of a problem. We now have two indexes to corner positions one on the life and death page and one on the corner shapes page, how do we keep them both up to date?

Also there are still some corner postitions missing (like stones on the second line bent around the corner? but still I am proud. and refering from corner position to corner position. (that was also one of my wishes)

But still being nominated (who did that?) and being chosen as (upcomming) article of the week It makes me proud.

Who will do the same for side and centre shapes?

Thanks to you all.

Bill: Re: Bit proud (2009-01-13 16:33) [#5649]

Yes, congratulations! :) You have made SL easier to use and navigate, and even spawned some new go content. A worthy contribution. :)

HermanHiddema: Congratulations (2009-01-13 12:18) [#5638]

Well, I thought that this is exactly the kind of page we need to make it easier to find stuff on Sensei's Library, and thus an excellent initiave! By putting it on the upcoming articles list, I wanted to push people to improve the page, which seems to have worked. So far, the article is shaping up nicely!

We do of course still need to improve linking to this page :-)

Nice coincidence that the page is coming up exactly on your birthday, as a sort of early birthday present, perhaps :-)

Anyway, congratulations on your birthday!

Unkx80: Congrats (2009-01-13 16:27) [#5647]

Congratulations, and happy birthday in advance.

Some redundancy of content is good for SL. It means that people have more ways to reach a page. My suggestion is to leave the corner shapes and life and death pages as it is.

tapir: congratulations (2009-01-19 14:18) [#5675]

happy birthday, willemien! but what happened now to the article of the week?

willemien: Re: congratulations (2009-01-19 14:44) [#5676]


I don't know what happened, seems to be a week later now. ahhh another week to edit my page.... Was puzzelling about how to invite more shapes. maybe an section "unclassified" where people can add there findings. Also still a bit thinking about the Five Stones on the third Line in the Corner what is its status

HermanHiddema: Re: congratulations (2009-01-19 14:47) [#5677]

As far as I can tell, it was always scheduled to appear after Komi, Ladder and Yi Chang-ho. Maybe I copied the Yi Chang-ho template and put corner shapes in it, but forgot to change the date at first :-/

Sorry that it is not the featured article on your birhtday. But anyway: Happy Birthday!

HermanHiddema: very popular article (2009-03-05 14:51) [#5817]

I think you can be more than a bit proud. According to Most Popular, Corner Shapes is the third most popular article created in the last six months, despite being only two months old! :-)

willemien: Re: very popular article (2009-03-10 11:37) [#5825]

only the third place. just added the weak carpenters square to the page.

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