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Dieter: About adding new pages (2021-09-06 12:10) [#11849]

See adding pages.

I have linked all the orphans that have been created over the past months, mostly names but also a few other pages. The authors are among the new enthusiasts here at SL :)

Please make sure you link a new page from an existing one, rather than just using the URL as a creation mechanism.


bugcat: my opinion -- is linkedness an inherently worthwhile thing? (2021-09-06 12:28) [#11851]

Take a professional article like Xu Yidi.

I see the most ordinary user scenario as being that a person sees Xu Yidi mentioned somewhere like Go4Go, GoRatings?, or in a tournament player list. They would then either search for Xu Yidi in the search bar or else go to the URL directly.

What is the point of linking to the Chinese professionals page? To state that he is a Chinese professional? That's already on the article.

And what benefit is it to have Xu Yidi linked on the Chinese professionals page? I find it hard to envisage a situation in which a user monotonously clicks through hundreds of pros on the list, except in the case that they're maintaining those articles.

The main point of the pros list is, imo, to provide lookup in oriental scripts. If so, fine, but simply linking Xu Yidi to the list by means of a link in the daughter page is not going to provide that facility, which requires an entry on the parent page.

Dieter: Re: my opinion -- is linkedness an inherently worthwhile thing? (2021-09-06 12:56) [#11852]

First of all, it's a wiki discipline. These are the rules of the game, laid out 20 years ago and SL has been built that way.

But why is that so? What makes the rule a good rule?

The essence of a wiki is that all items are interlinked and made modular, so that it is fully self referential and complementary.

  • Having a forward link is user friendly. If you want to know what a word means in an article, you click on it. A simple click requires way less effort than typing it in the search box. Also, the article author(s) can avoid confusion by linking to the right article, rather than something that may pop up in search results.
  • The backlink argument is less important, as you mention: is it really necessary to arrive on a page from another page? No, search is probably a bigger source of traffic to a page. On the other hand, poorly or unlinked pages are a sign of a very loosely integrated wiki. You could basically ask what's the point of a wiki(pedia) if you reduce the mechanics to those of web search. Another argument is that a forward link ends up in the menu as backlink too, showing other possible pages of interest. Finally, unlinked pages can appear more easily to be duplicates or overlaps, if linked from the same index, as is obviously the case with the whole names effort.
bugcat: fair point (2021-09-06 13:35) [#11853]

Fair point.

Currently we have

- the lists of Japanese, Chinese, Taiwanese and Korean professionals courtesy of DuEm?'s rip from Wikipedia

- the older lists of Japanese, Chinese and Korean names

- Go4Go Korean to address the particularly tangled topic of Korean romanisation. (I see that Korean Romanisation Discussion? was deleted, which seems a bit extreme. I don't remember being consulted on that...)

They all suffer from issues like incompleteness, incorrect romanisation, and rank ordering.

I think that a stable list of professionals needs to be ordered flatly by native script order: kana for the Japanese, hangul order for the Koreans, pinyin alphabetical order for the Chinese, and Wade-Giles alphabetical order for the Taiwanese. The Go4Go romanisations also have to be incorporated somehow, either as aliases or as columns or abbreviations in the page.

However, this would be a big project, and so we necessarily persist with the flawed but workable pages already here.

bugcat: ((no subject)) (2021-09-06 13:42) [#11854]

I think we should also consider outsourcing to the U-Go database in such a list, since they seem to have quite good authority control.

So an enty for Lee Sedol might look like

Yi Se-Tol [ext] (U) [ext] (W), [ext] Lee Sedol

2a02:810d:9040:22d0: Re: ((no subject)) (2021-09-06 14:14) [#11855]

Ulrich's database is outdated and hasn't been maintained. If you're interested, you can contact him and perhaps work together to work on the database.

Anyways, I just want to say thanks for the work. It can be tough to single-handedly maintain the player's profile pages on SL. Someone certainly will find them useful later.

Anyways, since it's basically you're the only one who's doing this, just pick any reasonable format. People can always edit or fix the mistakes later.

Dieter: ((no subject)) (2021-09-06 16:25) [#11856]

Another option for indexes of names would be that every such name has keyword "Professional" / "Korean" for example and then the index just displays the pages with those keywords, in alphabetic order.

We can do this by using the Keyword template and using special search.

yuzukitea: ((no subject)) (2021-09-06 16:59) [#11857]

Are there auto-generated category pages on SL?

I know that MediaWiki? and some of those other wiki software have categories.

2a02:810d:9040:22d0: Re: ((no subject)) (2021-09-06 18:24) [#11858]

You mean like Homepages?

yuzukitea: Re: ((no subject)) (2021-09-06 20:00) [#11859]

Ah, I see what Dieter means! I think that would be similar to what I was thinking of!

For example, Wikipedia has these auto-generated category pages: [ext] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Japanese_Go_players

Dieter: ((no subject)) (2021-09-06 20:14) [#11860]

I'll show how keywords work

I have added the keyword Korea to both these pages, using the template.

Here I did the same with keyword Professional

I'm still figuring out how to search multiple keywords. Intuitively I would

{{ special:search | parameter=Keyword:1 | value = Professional | parameter=Keyword:2 | value = Korea }}

But that doesn't work

We could use KoreanProfessional as a keyword of course.

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