Wang Xuechuan

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Taiwanese professional player born 1945-08-08 (died in 2013-09-21: he was the oldest active pro in Taiwan), in 1957 studied Go in Japan. Promoted 1 dan in 1984 and 2 dan in 1985. Wang was member of the Zhongguo Weiqi Hui.

Japanese [ext] profile

John F. Only the man himself speak with authority, but Xuechuan is hardly likely as a reading. It is surely Xuezhuan, a propitious name for someone whose parents hoped would grow up to be a scholar (i.e. study the classics).

valerio: by [ext] and [ext] the sound for the character is "chuán (chuan2)". By [ext] also zhuan is possible.

John F. You make it sound as if they are options. They are not. They have different meanings, and both usages are very common, the zhuan form not least because of the association with Confucius. It means "commentaries on the classics" but is also commonly used for (classical) "biographies", and every Chinese child will also know it as the "Tales" part of Tales from the Water Margin.

I also wouldn't recommend quoting a 3000 character dictionary for Chinese. You need a minimum of 10,000. Names in general tend to rely on the rarer characters. Some are not even in normal Unicode fonts.

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