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ThorAvaTahr: I have the Smartgo 2.82 software, which incorporates a large database of 43 100 pro games (going back to very old game records of shushaku etc...). I added to this about 1100 pro games played in the years of 2007-2008 and some 5600 undoubled pro games i found in a combination of other database sources. In this database I walked through the widest path (symmetries accounted for). The widest path is 41 moves long, before it is less than 3 games wide.

Please note that the number of games of each position (after the move is made) denotes the number of games that feature this specific position. So this also includes games that arrived at this position via a different path. That is why the number of games at some point even goes up again. (Therefore this does not denote the widest path, the actual widest path would be a bit shorter, however i have no tools to find this strict interpretation of the widest path).

Herman Hiddema: You can download Kombilo, which has this capability, though I do not know whether it is compatible with SmartGo's database format.

ThorAvaTahr: In fact it is not, because the smartgo-database is encrypted. But thanks for the tip. (I'll just ask the designer of smartgo to implement this feature, he is usually very quick with this :-) )

Moves 1 to 10  

B1: 25770 games

W2: 10113 games

B3: 4398 games

W4: 4395 games

B5: 1686 games

W6: 939 games

B7: 380 games

W8: 275 games

B9: 145 games

W10: 119 games

Moves 11 to 20  

B1: 114 games

W2: 86 games

B3: 61 games

W4: 45 games

B5: 45 games

W6: 42 games

B7: 21 games

W8: 17 games

B9: 12 games

W10: 14 games

Moves 21 to 30  

B1: 13 games

W2: 13 games

B3: 13 games

W4: 13 games

B5: 13 games

W6: 13 games

B7: 13 games

W8: 13 games

B9: 13 games

W10: 9 games

Moves 31 to 40  

B1: 9 games

W2: 8 games

B3: 8 games

W4: 8 games

B5: 8 games

W6: 7 games

B7: 3 games

W8: 3 games

B9: 3 games

W10: 3 games

Moves 41 to 41  

B1: 3 games

Wa: Gu Lingyi (won) vs Jin Siyoung

Wb: Yi Se-Tol (won) vs Ch'oe Ch'oel-Han

Wb: Yi Se-Tol (won) vs Paek Hong-Seok

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