Walkie Talkie Eight In The Corner

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Walkie talkie eight in the corner  

This is a walkie talkie eight in the corner. It has a cutting point at circle. If black has no outside liberties, white can make seki in the corner.


If Black lacks ko threats then a seki is the best he can get.

Under Japanese rules this group counts as one point for Black, because W5 may be captured at the end of the game.


Black makes ko  

Bill: If black is komaster he can play at B2 and after W3 this position is a throw-in ko. Either player can make the ko, but the other player takes first. If black plays elsewhere (tenuki) White can start the ko by playing at W5

This is slightly preferable for Black if he is komaster.

Mef: After W3 if Black ignores, can't white play at circle for a favorable ko?

Bill: Black shouldn't play B2 if the ko fight is favorable for White. (The ko is favorable for the player who can win the ko fight.)



This White W1 is a failure, after B6 White's position collapses. Black can make two eyes by capturing at W2 or playing at a.

Failure upon failure  

Seki. B5 - W4 also makes seki. B4 at a invites a ko.

Dieter, as seen on KGS, explanation by unkx80.

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