The biggest goban

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Located in Hu-nan province, China, built as a tourist attraction.

On 20 September 2003, Cho Hunhyeon and Chang Hao played a game of go on it, with 361 people acting as the "go stones" (dressed in dark or light clothing, with large black or white hats).

Cho and Chang standing on the goban with human stones in the background:

Two tourism agency sites and one local tv site with photos of the giant board, and the game:

(Thanks to nchh at GoDiscussions!)

SnotNose: Will the players actually have to view the game on the giant board, or will there be a second, more easily viewable board nearby where they really play the game? (Another option might be a video screen showing a shot from high above.)

I could not possibly play on a giant board like this without having the game mirrored on a smaller board or a bird's-eye view. But, maybe pros can store the game in their head well enough. It would be quite a laugh to see the pros wander around the big board to remember shapes :)

TimHunt: Perhaps the players will be at the top of the tower that overlooks the board, or perhaps they will build some platforms out of scaffolding for the players to sit on.

Fhayashi: I could not possibly play on a giant board like this because I wouldn't be able to lift the stones.

Imagine how much a set of real clam stones would cost for this board.

Baz: Imagine the clams they'd come from.

Sebastian: You won't have to lift them, because they are all people. I'm wondering how long the game will take, and who is willing to stand (or sit?) there for hours. But on the other hand, this may be a good way to meet other people. I always admire how Chinese people make waiting in line an enjoyable experience. Who knows, maybe in this game a dumpling will be considered good shape? And maybe you'll end up having to lift them, if a whole dumpling won't let you take them prisoner because they are in the midst of a good chat with their surronding "stones". :-) -- 2003-09-20

Schattenstern: Wow. I would really like to see that game (or some fotos ^^ - or at least the kifu of the game).

Hans Wiezorke: Personally, I would like to see the "Stones" run around during the ByoYomi. :-)

Karjalainen: Oh but just imagine how they could hide the stones in nigiri. Pull up a huge curtain or should they just run around and the other player tries to count them?

Scryer: I picked up the [ext] kifu from Cyberoro. It isn't standard SGF, so I cobbled up [ext] my own version of it. Please post corrections if needed.

rubilia: Just have a look at the weird black shape after move 28. I'd never expect black to win that game. (Scryer, the link doesn't open like SGF used to at my system. Maybe there's something wrong with the MIME-type? It should be "application/x-go-sgf".)

hannes75: Thanks to Scryer for the sgf-file. Unfortunately it ends with .html instead of .sgf, therefor the MIME-type will not be detected correctly.

Phelan: Does anyone know if this is visible on google maps?

Anonymous: It doesn't seem like the satellite imagery in that area is good enough, but if it improves the [ext] goban location is around here

Anonymous 2: Google Maps has now (2010-10-16) more detailed satellite images of the area where the board is. [ext] Map link

willemien: I still don't see it

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