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Zook: Here's a table

Feature                 Interest               Risk
Explain capture rule    Basic rule             None
Liberties, chains       Basic concept          None
Explain territory       Game purpose           Vague
                                               "make" territory
Stone counting          Clear purpose          Later shift to territory
                        Probably game origin   Not the same as next table
Forbid suicide          Most rules forbid      What's the point
                        Prequel to eyes        Conflict rule 1
Explain ko              The last rule          Confusion
Postpone/forbid ko      Clarity                Not the game
Atari-Go                Simple                 Dull
                        Exercise rule 1        Atari disease
                                               Not the game
Explain eyes            Basic concept          Too much
Explain life and death  Intellectual challenge Way too much
One-eyed Go             Simple                 Not the game
                        Exercise eye concept   Eye obsession
9x9                     Simple                 Dull
13x13                   Best of both worlds    Still dull
19x19 immediately       The real game          Completely lost
Cultural features       Distraction            Distraction
                        Origins of the game    Some don't care
Teacher plays pupil     Sometimes only option  Gap in level
                        Knowledge transfer     No goal
Pupils play each other  Mutual stimuli         Loss of pride
                        No gap in level        Slow progress

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