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Zarlan: The Shigeno-Yasuda method seems to demand that you get people to keep playing AtariGo for quite a few games. I thought that this method, although rather good sometimes, might be less good sometimes as it may prove to be difficult to keep a person interested enough to keep playing AtariGo.
I'm not that good at Go and I can hardly say that I'm experienced in teaching Go, so I might be wrong. In any case I thought of a alternative way that might be good.

Here's the idea: First you explain liberties, atari and captures, the very core of Go.
Then you start to play without any further explanation. Not explaining how you win or anything. The only additional information being "no thinking" (maybe treating too much thinking as a pass if it doesn't work).
On a 19x19.

Ko and suicide should probably be explained if it occurs though. Well at least ko. After one or perhaps a few (I havn't tested it or anything) he/she/they might understand a few things (one should perhaps ask and discuss). This is why it has to be a 19x19. On the 19x19 there should be a lot of space for life & death and many possibilities for a ko to occur. Also I think it would probably turn into the resemblance of a game of Go according to Stone Scoring (a badly played one but still). After this you explain territory and show the score of the game (or last game) and tell them about the rest of the rules.

Although I thought of this because of a possible flaw in the AtariGo teaching method, it is from there that I got my inspiration. Letting people discover important concepts by them selves, by putting them in to a sitiuation where they will inevitably encounter them sounds like a very good idea.

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