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BlueWyvern: Random note, does anyone play this fuseki? I've been trying and trying to play it. Even when I am White, people refuse to take the third corner and instead automatically respond to my approach. I've been curious to see how a game with it would develop but have thus far been denied the opportunity.

Stefan: Oh yes - I've been on both sides of a black Shusaku fuseki several times recently (with a poor winning percentage, by the way). I would even go as far as to say the fuseki has made a mini-comeback on the Belgian Go scene. If nothing else you could invite somebody on a Go server for a Shusaku night, BlueWyvern.

Dieter: Don't bother: within three moves after completion of this fuseki pattern, our gross mistakes will have wiped out its effects completely.

evpsych: The impression I got from Hikaru no Go is that the kosumi is solid but slow, so when komi was introduced, Black needed to take more risks to make up for it. If this is true, should amateurs perhaps consider using it in order to take fewer risks? Dieter is probably right, though.

evpsych: Another question: if it makes a win likely, shouldn't pros start thinking about playing on 21x21 instead?

kosh: evpsych, one reason of 19x19 is that the exchange of the 3rd and 4th row is about equal in value. On a different boardsize, the game may be complete different. I don't really know if it's true what I'm saying.

uchiha: I've played Go for 2 years already. I'm quite fond of this fuseki and I play it often. The way it works is this: play two 3-4 points that are as farthest away from each other as possible. If your opponent refuses to approach you, play a perfect corner move (knight's move from 3-4) and they will be virtually be forced to play an approach. Otherwise you are just way too strong. This works against kyu players, but it will be harder to pull it off well on a higher dan player. If they play an approach against the second corner, play a three space pincer.

Jidai: The Shusaku fuseki is my favorite. I have never been on the White side though. Somehow the approach of the second move is rarely played against me and another corner is taken instead. I recommend playing 4 or the point left to it in such a situation.

Warp: If I'm not mistaken, the reason for white making the approach at W4 instead of taking the fourth corner, which was a very common behaviour in the Edo period, is that, at that time, a black shimari was seen as being too good to be allowed. Nowadays you see this attitude less often, and it's not even uncommon for black to skip making the so-feared-in-edo-period shimari even when white does not approach. I suppose that nowadays the shimari is not seen as being so superior that it should be prevented at all costs or made at the first possible opportunity. Perhaps someone could profundize in this change of view?

Bill: I think that the reason that White did not take the fourth corner was that, in an even game without komi, a parallel fuseki was regarded as too easy for Black.

Bildstein: What did Shusaku do when faced with this fuseki as White?

Igojin:tha tis his!

iopq: Shusaku was a horrible sandbagger so he didn't have to play White.

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