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Seriously, though. I do think Go can help us understand many situations in real life. Examples:

  • Go Proverbs - many of them are actually stratagems that have been applied successfully in military and business situations.
  • Seven Deadly Sins - although this is a humorous page, and some of the connections are far-fetched, it makes many interesting connections between go and real life sins.
  • Go and Economics
  • Since Go is called "hand talk", I am also wondering if we can learn something about the way we lead discussions. I recently found a similarity in that both in go and in discussions, I reply in a way that is locally appropriate, but leads strategically in the wrong direction. (But let's not go off on a tangent!) If anybody has anything to contribute to this, I would love to see a page like Hand, Mouth and Mind Talk?.


  • Ko teaches never to give up something without compensation.
  • Get better at Go by asking and accepting frank review of your efforts. This method works wonderfully in most endeavours. Here is an example from BildStein at FreeGo/Discussion

Malweth: I think some of the less direct aspects of Go are also very helpful. ([ext] Milt's page on teaching Go to children is a good reference on this). Specifically, the study of go takes great focus and drive, both of which are useful in everything one does. Go study teaches good study habits. And finally, (although I can only speculate), Go mastery teaches a lot of self control.

See also The Way Of Go for how strategies learned from Go can be applied to many fields.

DJ: See also All I need to know I learned in the Kindergarden by Robert Fulghum, a nice book full of sensible and compassionate thoughts on life - just a tad newagey, though, but worth a reading.

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