Sebastian-NiceyNicey OngoingGame

  Difficulty: Beginner   Keywords: Ongoing game

Hi Jeff, let's try it! How about 9x9?

Moves 1-10  

When you click edit, it will display a little instruction under the heading "Go Diagrams". Basically, just mark your handicap stones with "X". And then all consecutive moves with 2,4,6,8,0.

W7 This may be overplay - let's see.
B8 Overplay? What exactly does that mean?
W9 Poking through because I think this is a sente move. I now added a link to overplay. (That's one of the good sides of playing a game here!) Your reply was good, and I don't seem to be gaining much on this side of the board.
B10 I'm not sure if 9 was sente or not. I'm very bad with figuring out sente. Also, do I have to manually remove the captured stone? [1]

(Sebastian:) Yes, we have to do everything by ourselves. There's nothing dynamic. All that happens is just that some text elements get displayed in a fancy way. Now I'm manually copying the diagram and replacing the Os and Xs.

Moves 11-21  

B12 Okeydokey. Now, I'm assuming we have to keep track of the captured stones ourselves as well, right?
W13 Correct! Or better yet, not take any prisoners. ;-)
W15 It doesn't look so good for me. If you do the right thing then I'll resign.



unkx80: While B10 in the game is not "wrong", have you considered the wedge at B1 in this diagram? After B3, a and b are miai, so it would be very interesting for Black. =)

(Sebastian:) Thanks for waiting till after my moves 13 and 15. At least, I hope they help.

Sebastian-NiceyNicey OngoingGame last edited by Sebastian on January 21, 2004 - 19:26
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