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After the cut at W1, B2 and B4 are forced. White bends at W5, and Black can only save his group by setting up the ko with B6 and B8. This is a picnic ko, difficult for Black when White takes first.


The hane at B6 does not work. The diagonal move at W7 is a tesuji which results in double damezumari for Black, so the Black group is cleanly captured.

How to respond?  

So, if the top sequence results in ko for the black group, how would White play if Black responded to W3 with B5?

Ah, I see now. W5 endangers the upper left group; I was focusing too much on the lower right ^^

HolIgor: On a side note, aren't we missing a stone in the upper right corner?

unkx80: I copied this from KenshinM4, so only he knows.

KenshinM4: I don't think that we are missing a stone. What would make you think that?

unkx80: I guess HolIgor is thinking that the upper right is missing a Black stone because it is exactly the weak carpenter's square.

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