Suk Choi

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Suk Choi is one of the kindest players on KGS. He created a tournament for the community in honour of his teacher, see [ext]

We miss you Suk Javaness

Yes I miss you, please come back on KGS Suk. This place is not very funny without you. If someone should leave the server, this is obviously not you. Domie

Please come back!! :'( ChipMonk

We miss you dude. You and your MTFBWYL. And simply you. I miss you. You're one of the nicest people on this server, when I play someone rude or speak to someone stupid, you're there and I love KGS again and go players. Come back you ! Luc

Tesuji l'amour and the temple have become so sad since u left. I hope you will call me Mr Plop again, please come back soon among us ;-) Bigphenix

Sure, come back XY :) aboulafia

KGS without Suk? come back! We all miss you and your witticisms. wetnose

Come back, Suk. It just ain't fun without you. :< Prodigious

come back xy0908 youre a great guy beerslayer

i tried to cut my hair with a pointy rock, and it didnt work! you are definitely missed, suk. - Fishbulb

Whoever got disagreement with you on the server for whatever reasons, I will 100% agree with you and disagree with rest :). please show us 'the Return of Suk' soon! Empiror

What the heck are you thinking about? You think leaving KGS cause of few disagrees would solve anything, it hurts ppl a lot more if you are not here with us than that you leave place... And you know that usually wont solve anything, just make em worse, Yours RetroGen

KGS is full of gentle souls that can't find their friend suk, either to kill him or just chat, don't let them down. Titonio?

XY sir, im not saying come back but I need you to tell us where you are so that we can still be with you. Dont leave the people because of some disagreements. - Kyurin

Come back you silly fool. - Medice

I don't know what was the problem, but please come back to us soon! I can not wait to come to your go & noodle saloon! Respect, GanjaMan

I understand your reasoning, but KGS just isn't the same without you. I hope you'll come back someday. - Kim (phantom)

Suk, you are very much the heart of KGS. I made the Temple because I wanted a place for people like you to share your wisdom and wit. We miss both with a passion we can barely express in mere words. I know the rigors of your industry and sympathize. Please rejoin us that we may rejoice in an international server holiday. - Osmosis

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