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Example 1

The stone on the second line has to be strong. e.g. monkey jump (Black a) doesn't work here because of the weakness at b.

Monkey jump fails here.  
Monkey jump fails here (continuation)  

White can play at W2. If Black responds at B3, then the atari at W4 and the throw-in at W6 will capture all the black stones. Thus in response to W2, Black can only connect at B4, then White plays at W3, and you can see the difference yourself!

See also Endgame Tesuji 4 for a more subtle case where the monkey jump is not an outright failure, but clearly suboptimal.

Example 2

In-Game example of a failure

Another Monkey Jump failure  

The following two diagrams describe a gamesituation during one of Malweth's games on DGS.

Black cannot respond at a, because white would connect via 2 due the marked black stone being in the fourth line. If Black plays at a, then White W2 and Black at b, White can escape with two liberties. In case Black plays at c after b White gets three liberties to Black's two.


Try the diagonal tesuji!

In such cases, endgame tesuji 14 may work and win about as many points as the monkey jump.

W1 is the diagonal tesuji  
the result is as good as a monkey jump  

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