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"When you study joseki, you lose two stones in strength -- anonymous"

Go Proverbs

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Alive, Unsettled, Dead
Six Die, Seven Unsettled, Eight Live
Cho Chikun #42

Current Study Regimen

I am currently completing 50-100 games against like opponents with a simple strategy of Cut when I can Cut, Connect When I Can Connect. When catching stones, ask if I can catch it in a ladder or catch it in a net? This advice for beginners from "Lessons.." above.

These are the building blocks - The Fundamentals - of Go.

Alive, Unsettled, Dead  

  1. a - Unsettled Three
  2. b,c - Alive
  3. d - Unsettled (Rabbity Six)
  4. e,f - Alive
  5. g - Unsettled (Five-Space Star)
  6. h,i/j,k - Dead (Square Four)
  7. l - Unsettled (Pyramid Four)
  8. m - Unsettled (Bulky Five)
Six Die, Seven Unsettled, Eight Live  

Cho Chikun #42  

Black to Move and Kill
This was very difficult for me.

Opening Concepts

  • Make Your Stones Work Together
  • Efficiency
  • Play Away From Strength
  • Thickness and Walls
  • Open at the Bottom
  • The Third Line and the Fourth
  • Reverse Strategy
  • Light and Heavy
  • Attack and Defense

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