Kido Prizes (version 9)

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As soon as I posted this table, I found a [ext] complete list on the Japanese Wikipedia. What I'm going to do is translate that table (if I can), in its original format, to a page called "Kido Prize Winners", and then possibly request this article be deleted or merged into the new one. In the meantime there's no harm in letting it stay up. The notes section might also contain data not in the Jp. Wikipedia table.

(Very) incomplete list of players who have won Kido Prizes, compiled from various sources. The Kido Prizes of Go should not be confused with the film-making awards of the same name.

This article follows the prize ordering [ext] used in the Power Report, except when the same player won multiple prizes in one year, in which case their prize entries are placed together.

Kataoka Satoshi has apparently won a prize three times, but it's unknown when.

Year Player Category Note
1978 Ishida Akira Outstanding technique
2001 Yamashita Keigo Most wins 59
Yamashita Keigo Most games played 77
Cho U Best winning percentage 81.1%
Takao Shinji Most successive wins 20
2004 Tsuruyama Atsushi Best winning percentage 75%
2005 Takemiya Masaki Most successive wins at least 16
2008 Cho U Most outstanding player won the Meijin & Gosei
2012 Iyama Yuta Most outstanding player
2013 Iyama Yuta Most outstanding player
2014 Iyama Yuta Most outstanding player
2015 Iyama Yuta Most outstanding player
2016 Iyama Yuta Most outstanding player
2017 Iyama Yuta Most outstanding player
Iyama Yuta International Prize
Iyama Yuta Most successive wins 16
Ichiriki Ryo Outstanding player
Mutsuura Yuta New Star won the Agon Cup
Shibano Toramaru New Star won the Ryusei
Shibano Toramaru Most wins 53
Shibano Toramaru Most successive wins 16
Shibano Toramaru Most games played
Fujisawa Rina Women's Prize
Kyo Kagen Best winning percentage 80.3%
2018 Iyama Yuta Most outstanding player
Cho U Outstanding player won the Meijin
Kyo Kagen Outstanding player won the Gosei
Ueno Asami New Star won women's title in 2nd year as pro
Fujisawa Rina Women's Prize won 3 women's titles
Shibano Toramaru International Prize beat Ke Jie in Japan-China Ryusei play-off
Shibano Toramaru Most wins 46
Shibano Toramaru Most games played 69
Fujita Akihiko Best winning percentage 83.67%
Koike Yoshihiro Most successive wins 19

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