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This is my idea at improving IngTiming

Ing Timing is the only timing system in which a points penalty is given for those who stray into overtime. It is also effectively a variant of [ext] absolute time. It is disliked for both these features. Personally I don't think it is so bad.

We have 2 modes of behaviour already in all timing systems (Barring [ext] Fischer)

  • Main time, were we play normally
  • Overtime, were we have to play more quickly and are thus under duress

Ing's system is simply assigning a numerical value for the punishment for entering overtime, the other systems just use stress. Unfortunately The final Ing period is assigned the value of GAME_LOST, which I do object to. I think the system would be more palatable to the Go playing public if it was adjusted to a more progressive approach.

  • Main Time
  • N Overtime Periods
  • Optionally, depending on the length of time available for each round, introduce a maximum number of available overtime periods

For each overtime period N that a player enters, increment their penalty points total by N.

  • OT Period 1 costs 1 point
  • OT Period 2 costs 2 points
  • OT Period 5 costs 5 points
  • (Optional) OT Period 10 equates to GAME_LOST

In this way, even if we still set the N(4)=GAME_LOST, we are still having a smaller penalty for entering the first overtime period, and the total penalty for the first 3 overtime periods remains the same.

My favourite timing system remains Bronstein.

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