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Simple psgo recipes


To generate incant

latex a.tex && dvips -P pdf a.dvi
ps2pdf a.ps output.pdf

Core commands are

\begin{psgoboard*}[n]      creates a goban of size n optionally* with co.ords
\end{psgoboard*}[n]        and of course you have to end it
{psgopartialboard*}%{(2,2)(4,4)} there is also the partial board variant
\stone{black}{a}{1}        places a black and white stone at x y
\setcounter{gomove}{n-1}    number moves in psgoboard from n
\move*{b}{2}                 place move at coord * removes number - what colour is move
\pass                       just pass
\pass*                      changes color or next move

There is also a big list of mark up, see later

can be added to \stone or \move

There are even fancy lines

\goline{a}{1}{t}{19}  line from a1 to t19
\gorrow{a}{1}{t}{19}  arrow from a1 to t19


white move 1


black move 1


markup table

Markup for psgo
Markup Meaning Markup Meaning
\markma a cross \marktr a triangle
\markcr a circle \marksq an empty square
\marklb{A} the label \marksl a full square
\markdd square of diagonal lines

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