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As a parent I came to learn that there was such a thing as red time. Small precious segments of time that lasted no more than 5 minutes. Time in which you could do things other than parenting. Useless things that gave you some sense of pleasure and that had nothing at all to do with milk or waste disposal. It was during this red time that I perpetrated [ext] Ire.

Ire is a minimalist program to make a draw for a McMahon tournament which is available somewhere on GitHub. Its interface is limited to command line, and your favourite text editor. In 2020 I began [ext] rewriting it slightly, with the aim of having more html in the presentation / front end, and of practicing a few things in [ext] nim

You may also not be interested in [ext] h92html which makes an html results file from a h9 results file which is stored in the EGD. Unfortunately it is rather too limited in what it does. I think reverse engineering the EGD to be allowed to retrospectively present results is pretty useful.

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