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For those of you who would like a local copy of Sensei's Library, here it is:

Snapshot of Sensei's Library, 2023-04-30 (365 MB decompressed, over 25750 pages and 48700 diagrams)
[ext] download as .tar.bz2 (107 MB)
or [ext] download as .tgz (122 MB)

The snapshot includes all pages, diagrams, and SGF files.

Just like everything else on SL, this snapshot is published under the terms of the OpenContent license. See SL copyright.

Some snapshots are also available in handy HTMLHelp format (chm) (~65 MB). See /CHM.

Please see PocketSL or SLoT for snapshots viewable on most hand-held computers.

If you think that the snapshot is out of date, drop Arno a short message.

See [ext] for older snapshots.

Note: snapshots from 2002 or earlier may have filename link mismatches on case-sensitive systems.

Unpacking the snapshot

  • On Windows, you can download the .tgz snapshot and unpack it with [ext] Winzip or [ext] WinRAR, or download the .tar.bz2 snapshot and unpack with WinRAR.
  • On Unix-like operating systems with [ext] GNU tar, you can download the .tgz snapshot and unpack with "tar -xzvf", or download the .tar.bz2 snapshot and unpack with "tar -xjvf".
  • On MacOS X you can use aforementioned Unix-commands or:
  • If your tar is not [ext] GNU tar or [ext] star, you can unpack the .tgz snapshot like this: "gzip -cd file.tgz | tar xf -". .tar.bz2 can be unpacked like this: "bzip2 -cd file.tar.bz2 | tar xf -"
  • Here are other general-purpose (un)packers with ability to unpack tar.bz2-files (Most of these are for Windows only): [ext] 7-Zip, [ext] PKZIP, [ext] Power Archiver, [ext] Ultimate Zip, [ext] Wintarball, [ext] ZipZag


Q: Could snapshots be provided more often?

A: Currently, making a snapshot of SL is not done by a script, but manually. There is a plethora of reasons why. Usually, I provide a new snapshot every 2-3 months.

The wiki-dump.sql file used by the hand-held snapshots is updated once per month (automatically).

Q: I'd like to play with the wiki data myself. Do you provide the wiki data in source text format?

A: Yes. Use the [ext] wiki-dump.sql file. It is a snapshot of part of the wiki database. It contains all information necessary to play around. The file is updated monthly.

Q: Can you also post the approximate size of the directory one would get after unpacking the gzipped tarball? Thanks.

A: About 480 MB when unpacked. You can put the files onto a CD-image (*.iso, burn to imagerecorder) and mount the iso-file with daemon-tools. As the tarball contains many small files, you can save disk space. (One 100-bytes-file on Hd = one cluster = up to 32KBy, on CD one cluster = 2 KBy (?4KBY?); o.k.: you can also burn a real CD, but file access is slower.)

Q: Could you please provide the snapshot as a .zip file that can be opened in Windows XP using Winzip?

A: Winzip can open .tar.gz files, you just need to unpack twice, first the tar.gz (gz means gzip) must be un-gzipped to get the .tar then the .tar (tar means tape archive) must be un-archived.

Also, .zip files are about twice as large as the tarballs (e.g. 2007-10-14: tar.bz2: 49 MB, zip: 95 MB).

Q: For searching in the snapshot it would be good to have a chm-file.

A: Yes, I have just prepared such a file. More Information: /CHM

Q: Why can't I just update my old snapshot but have to download the whole snapshot again? SL should additionally provide only the updated files since last snapshot for those who already have one.

A: With links, paths, templates, embedded searches etc. pages may change even when they have not been modified. It is currently not possible to tell what pages are affected by changes. If only modified pages would be provided, then your copy would get ever more out of sync. Until the problem is solved, you have to download the whole package again.

Q: The archives contain graphics, where a.gif and A.gif, unpacked (under win) to the same folder, give a warning 'overwrite?'

A: This should no longer be a problem with new snapshots. On the old snapshots you can ignore the error and just overwrite the file.

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