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Centaur: Did anyone experiment with listening to music while playing Go? What kind of music would that be?

I think I’ll try playing to Hikaru no Go OST sometime. But it definitely will not be the whole OST. As a minimum, my playlist will not include any vocals, and I sure don’t want to play to Taikyoku (Battle) as it’s way too harsh. On the other hand, Majiwaru Michi (The Roads Crossed) seems to have a relaxing effect, and Kami no Itte is motivating.

Warder05: I dunno. While the opening themes are pretty good, there's at least one track in there that sounds like *ahem* adult film music. Of course, this interpretation seems to fit with the overall plot of the anime--a beautiful love story between Shindou and Touya.

{damien}: Oh, man! So I'm not the only one who thinks that!!! It's gotta be that cheesy guitar. And I'm also not the only one who noticed the definite male tension between those two.

vic?: Not found any good music to play to - but i've learnt not to play listening to metal :) Silence is the best for me so far - radio is just irritating

MrShin: Just to let you know, Kitaro is AWESOME to listen to while playing go. I listen to him while I play, study, etc. I first started listening to him almost 16 years ago when I first started tai chi. Very relaxing. I'd recommend the Tenku, Kojiki and Astral Voyage albums. I listen to those the most.

AJP: Having the TV on in the background that you're half watching (like sports) also seems to cost a couple stones. :)

maruseru: I like John Cage's [ext] 4'33'", put on auto-repeat.

Zarlan: Now that's a nice piece of music. I'd put the Hikaru no Go opening on second place. It makes me want to play Go, but I'd actualy rather skip it when playing Go.

XCMeijin: OST's from Cowboy Bebop are nice. Jazzy, pacy, subtle.

tarragone?: Silence is usually best, but in non-serious games I like to listen to some classical. I like Brahms and Bach (for example, Mass in B minor). Chaotic or too fast music (Stravinsky or Chopin) only distracts me from the game.

maruseru: I wonder the harmony of classical music is conducive to achieving harmony in the game.

Velobici: Mozart. Instrumental.

Phelan: I usually listen to whatever is on the playlist, since my mind does not react well to the silence. But I agree with what's been said before: Classical, jazz, anime OSTs, instrumental seem to be what works best. Whatever it is, it should be mellow. Trying to play to Taikyoku, or the Lord of the Rings OST is definitely stressful, and causes all kinds of unnecessary cuts. :P

xed_over: I prefer Linkin Park, Cyprus Hill or Rob Zombie, but my opponents are usually annoyed at my head banging or drumming on the table.

QUESTION: Just out of curiosity - I listen to music whilst playing on the 'Net. Would it be considered offensive if i took my MP3 player to my local go club? Plus, i got huge headphones (i'm picky when it comes to sound quality...) XCMeijin

maruseru: I once took an iPod to a tournament, but didn't listen during the games (which I thought would be strange, although another, somewhat eccentric, player did that), but listened to the Hikaru no Go soundtrack before the games to get in the mood and to get fighting spirit.
Hicham: To me this does feel unpolite yes. I know some people have their earplugs in all the time, but I find it irritating though. I have played against people who were listening to music and they were not unpolite per se, but it does feel a bit unrespectful to me. Just as it would when someone had music on while I was talking to them.
Centaur: I’d rather not. Your music will probably be heard by your opponent and your neighbors, and they may have different ideas about what’s good for thinking.

DJ: Once I had a tournament game with a guy who was acting a lot cool with his walkman on. But at the first serious fight he got nervous, turned the WM off, put it away and finally tried to concentrate on what was going on on the board... Alas (for him), too late...
I agree that tournaments should be held in silent environment. Still, sometimes I like some music in unformal games. Once at home I was playing Tortoise (interesting mild arpeggio music) and my opponent at a point screamed that he could not stand it! (Too iterative/obsessive?)
I like music too much, and I cannot help but pay attention to it, so maybe it is not so good for my concentration. OTOH, we're having good training at the Go Club of Rome: in the last 20 years it has been hosted in pubs where loud music is the norm. (see that page for a description of the ambiance...) And I like Led Zeppelin or The Who to cheer me up when attacking purposefully!!!

Malweth: I definitely think there's a difference between listening to a walkman or other personal device and having ambient music in the room. Using my ipod would break my concentration much more quickly than having any type of music in the background (except maybe rap & twangy country music ;). It might actually help my concentration to play in a rock club than in a "silent" tournament room complete with coughing, creaking of chairs, and clicking of clocks and stones.

QWerner: I am sometimes listening trance music by playing go. But may be this is the reason that I am still 14k:o)

Move127- I have been doing some experimenting lately, and I have had some very good games while listening to the band Dragonforce.

erima What about [ext] guqin? I listen to a lot of [ext] John Thompsons work when I want to be more "there".

LovroF- Pink Floyd and David Bowie are great while playing on net. But if its really very important game, music is off.

DIONISOS: definetely cello music

Also see The Ideal Go Environment

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