Gokyo Shumyo, Section 1, Problem 95 / Attempts


With W1, White sets up an ishi-no-shita. After these moves, White returns to play at white+circle, and captures Black.


unkx80: Surely you meant this. =)

Ladder coming ...?  

Charles Yes, beware auto-atari is my advice. This seems to be the main variation.

Dieter: The book gives André/unkx80's variation. But this variation surely must be included in the analysis (when I first saw it, I thought, hey the book is wrong).

The ladder?  

Charles This may just be a side variation, then.

The net? (Black 3 connects)  

What about this net, just out of interest?

No ladder ?  


Charles Yes, I agree, W5 is needed, so One-Two-Three is wrong in this case. Dieter: I think W9 works in your diagram too. In fact, 1-2-3 may be correct here too. Let's try your W5 and my W9. Charles Net example 8.


Dieter: Since liberties count; I was rather thinking along the lines of B1. White must play a before W2 I think.

White to play  

How about the atari, in both cases actually?

Charles So the really obvious play might be preferable. No wonder I couldn't see it.

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