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These are suggestsions for improving the Computer Go Server. These topics have been discussed on the computer-go list, some are already in the TODO, others are just wishes. This stuff is here for more convenience, and avoid being lost in the mailing list archive.

SGF content:

  • the gtp_version of each bot: dev bot generally appends here the engine version, and this would ease the sorting of games for analysis.
  • the time information, at least the remaining time at the end of the game for both players, ideally time for each move (like in KGS files)

CN: The python client saves SGF locally and saves time stamps for moves.

GUI for watching games while they are played:

  • GoGui seems _the_ tool for doing this. Maybe just a hack is needed to allow IGS/NNGS connections to the server. CN: The alternative python supports mirroring of games on GoGUI.
  • DONE: There are Tcl/Tk clients for all platforms at the bottom of the CGOS home page.

Download games:

  • currently, one need to ask for games
  • possibility to ask for engine A vs engine B games

Statistics, results:

  • sorting the cross-results by opponent rank
  • have nice histograms like [ext]
  • It'd even be nice to have the "engine A" vs "engine B" page links directly from the cross-table results.
  • History of versions of engines should be available. (And notified on histogram)

Opponent name:

  • I have saved sgf files in local. But there is no information about opponent name. If CGOS tell, its useful. Maybe there is no GTP command that tell opponent name to engine? (workaround is asking for all the games played by the bot, as the cgos server records the names in the sgf files). CN: The alternative python client supports this.

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