Go Seigen Kifu

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This set of books is also known (possibly more correctly) as Wu Qingyuan's Collected Games. This page was started, when the author couldn't find the other, more bibliographically complete, page. This page can serve as both a cross reference (based on the name used for the set when sold by Yellow Mountain Imports) and as a place for those who don't speak Chinese but are trying to puzzle out some of the minimal translations necessary to get by reading the diagrams. If the other page's authors are interested, they could be merged leaving only a stub at this name.

The Set

The records generally contain 40-50 moves per diagram, and the diagrams are a good size (one per page). One interesting surprise was that the first record begins with black and white stones pre-positioned in the corners. (This is the only such game I have seen in a quick look through the first volume). It begins like this:

Start of Game 1 from this set.  

I suspect it would be unethical for me to publish more of this game (unless someone can find me another source that is public domain). But the game winds up being decided in favor black (Go Seigen) when the group built from W8 dies in a ko fight.

Notes for English Speakers

Sinprejic I have purchased this set (pretty much on a whim) and am attempting to figure out enough Chinese to understand if Go is playing white or black. From pages here on Senseis Library I have succeeded in divining (guessing) the following:

  • 呉清源 is Go Seigen's name
  • 先番 means first move, and indicates the black player (though sometimes just 先 seems to be used... why?)
  • 段 means dan
  • 一,二,三,四,五,六七 represent 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 respectively
  • Therefore 六段 indicates a 6 dan player
  • 二子番 seems to indicate 2 stone handicap, perhaps the difference between 先番 and only 先 is that the former is considered a 1 stone handicap and the latter is simply player plays first.

Additionally I am making the following guesses:

  • 先相先 indicates this is a game played with SenAiSen handicap (and thus part of a Jubango?)

The number one problem I have is that there is no way of entering a character I see in the book into the browser short of scanning through pages with lots of characters until I find a match. Then I can cut/paste it into babelfish or search on it. If anyone knows a better way _please_ let me know :)

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