Get Strong At Sandbagging

    Keywords: Humour

Find techniques in various Go servers at getting and keeping low ranks whilst trouncing upon newbies.

Learn key phrases to undermine the newcomer's mystique about the nobility of go.

Enjoy all the philosophy that justifies you winning at the expense of the self-worth of new go players.

Master sandbagging's brother technique "self-promoting" where you pretend to be higher than the rank you are.[1] You'll even learn the work-arounds of KGS 10kyu or above must-win-once rule.

Play Yahoo! 9x9 games with a thirty-second time limit and intimidate newbies.

Real-life sandbagging techniques:

  • Start by walking up to some people playing Go and expressing your interest in "learning."
  • Express great puzzlement as they try to teach you.
  • Do things like making life and killing groups while saying things like, "Oh, so that's an eye," or, "oh, that's what it means for a group to be dead."
  • Start by playing in random spots; then, after twenty moves or so, start wildly fighting, all the mean time mystically smiling and muttering phrases under your breath. When you finish slaughtering your opponent, make sure to look completely perplexed at the outcome. Chuckle. Say, "Oh, dear me. It looks like I've won? Am I remembering correctly the rules of -- what's that complicated word again? -- counting?"
    • As an alternative to the above, spend your first several turns building a B2 Bomber in the center.
    • Or you can be just polite to your opponent and say hi to him.

[1] Stefan: A technique known in certain circles as the "montgolfier".

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