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  • Interesting how a move next to a good move can be so bad.
  • Normally that would work, but in this context, there is no hope.
  • Normally that wouldn't work, and now is not any different.
  • Why has he connected two dead groups?
  • Not bad, exchanging 30 points of territory against influence facing the opponents wall, but I wonder if that's what he wanted?
  • He obviously hasn't read page 43 in 'Attack and Defense'
  • This is a new Joseki
  • There are exceptions to 'the empty triangle is bad', but this isn't one of them, is it?
  • Amazing that that much thought still produces a bad move.
  • I've seen pros play moves like that before...when they're looking for a place to resign.
  • Mmmm... Not a real 7 dan.
  • Did the computer score the game wrong?

  • (Pro comment:) Oh! Strong move!! But... maybe... THIS (another move) better!!! -- Attributed to Nakayama Noriyuki

-- AvatarDJFLux

Seen on a really amateur level on Yahoo!-Go:

click (white just captured a piece which was throwing in on his 15 stone group)
White: In your face%%% Black: Darn... didn't see that...
Casual(?) Observer: hmmm... so, why doesn't black just snapback and capture the group?
All: ...
Black: Click (snapback)
White: F!CK YOU!!! Outside inteference! I demand you cancel this game%%% Observer 2: That group was dead anyhow, ya know...
White: Really?
Black: Are you sure?
Observer1: I think you should BOTH concede, and hit your tsumego...

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